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Your mouse controls the Paddle. A Ball will be trying to escape off the left edge of the screen. You must intercept this Ball.

When your ball hits the paddle it speeds up.

You can left-click to shoot a bullet. Hitting the ball with a bullet makes it slow down.

All the while, rocks are hurling through space. You'll want to avoid them whilst using your bullets to break them up. If you do hit a rock your paddle will shrink in size, destroy rocks with your bullets in order to increase the length of your paddle.

Eventually, you'll get some powerups including Bombs, which you can fire with a right-click and then another right-click will detonate them destroying everything in its path. Powerups are released by small rocks when shot, so be sure to aim carefully.

Advanced Gameplay Tips


Point Bonuses

Keyboard Shortcuts

To change the defaults for the above options go to the options screen off the main menu.

Trouble Shooting / FAQ

Fullscreen doesn't work / looks weird

While PaddleSpace will work in fullscreen mode on most modern machines, due to it's initial development, it was not meant to be played fullscreen. Due to this fact it uses an non-standard resolution which can cause issues on some machines.

It's so Blurred...

If you don't like the fancy effects that are PaddleSpace's unique visual style, you can disable them in the options menu.

How do I get to the options menu?

The options menu button is the one on the bottom-right on the title screen. Here you can change many options, including online highscores, Mikeware™ introduction, tutorial mode, visual effects level, mouse grab mode, fullscreen, sound, music, and difficulty. Any options changed here will be saved for next time too!

The game's too hard for me, but it seems really fun.

If you're having a little trouble starting out, go into the options menu and change the difficulty to easy. Also, try playing with the tutorial messages on to gain some helpful tips.

How can I compare my Highscores?

If you entered your initials for a previous highscore, it will highlight your scores in blue on the highscore scroll and your current highscore in red.

How do I get rid of a tutorial message?

Hit the Spacebar on your keyboard or click on the 'x' in the upper-right corner. If you mean forever, make sure that tutorial mode always on isn't set in the options menu, or that you're clicking the "Start" button instead of the "Tutorial" button on the title screen.

Do I have to watch the Mikeware™ Intro everytime?

If you don't want to watch the intro every time, you can turn it off in the options menu (except in the demo).

How do I know what powerups I have?

The display on the bottom-left will always show how many bullets you have at your disposal. In addition when you collect bombs they will appear in a similar fashion. Any other powerups are timed and will appear with little timer bars when you collect them.

I'm getting really tired of clicking the left-mouse button all the time...

Have no fear, autofire's here! Just hold down the left-mouse button for about a second, and you'll start automatically firing bullets. It's not quite as good as rapid fire, but it can be useful at times.

How does this Speedometer work?

The speedometer dynamically adjusts its scale whenever you make a great decrease or great increase in speed. This usually occurs at the 1/4 and 3/4 points for the changes respectively.

What does the Speedometer keep track of?

The speedometer keeps track of your current speed in pps (Parsecs Per Second). The blue arrow shows what speed the ball is currently traveling at. The red line shows the boundary of the "Danger Zone". When your speed is in this zone, it means that an Alien friend will come along shortly to help his Ball buddy along, this is usually not a good thing. If the Alien's laser hits the Ball, it will speed up significantly. It's a whole power transfer thing...

Why does this damn *#$!@! Alien keep coming around?

It would help to read the answer to the question above

Why did everything get twice as blurry?

When you start to get going really fast, space just seems to warp... This usually occurs when you reach speeds in excess of 600pps.

Ahhh! The stars changed colors!

This occurs when you're going at maximum speed. You'll also notice your blue arrow "Flatlined" at the bottom. Nothing to worry about otherwise...

Is there a way to watch the game without playing it?

Yep, if you leave the game sitting alone long enough, it'll go into "DEMO MODE" where an AI player will allow you to watch the game being played without doing a thing. Clicking will bring you back to the title screen.

Is there a demo available?

Yep, checkout our download page.

What's in the full version?

Basically the demo is PaddleSpace's 'Easy Mode'. In the full version, they're twice as many powerups and you're not restricted to play only 10 levels. Also, there's the ShortCircuit Bonus Mode which occurs every three levels allowing you to pickup cash to purchase powerups in a handy dandy store. Also, you'll be able to fight the boss at the end of the normal game and after that, the possibilities are endless...

When will the full version be available?

Mikeware™ puts a lot of time, effort, and care into its products. We want to provide you with the best product we can provide. As of now, PaddleSpace is just in the final phases of development. If you've already downloaded the demo, you'll notice that it's quite polished. Currently, the final game mechanics are being tweaked and the game progression is being tested. But in terms of game play features, 99% of everything is all done! As for a general release... Mikeware™ is in the midst of looking for a publisher.